Galileo and Viator team to offer agents destination-based products

Galileo International has teamed with Viator, a provider of destination products and information. Galileo will expand the service offerings and content on the Galileo e-Agent Internet portal through a direct channel to Viator’s database of tour operators and recreation suppliers.
“Traditionally, researching and booking destination activities has been a time-consuming process for many travel agents,” said Galileo’s Terry Vaughn, director, leisure and rail sales and marketing. “With Galileo e-Agent and Viator’s content, travel agents can offer a value-added, commission-based service at the same time as providing a world of options to their customers.”
Galileo e-Agent is a Web-based informational and booking tool that places travel-related content on agents` desktops via the Viewpoint platform. Viator gives travel agents direct access to destination activities ranging from sightseeing tours to local events and attractions in more than 25 countries within Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.
A sampling of Viator’s products and services available through the point-and-click environment of Galileo e-Agent includes Broadway theater tickets, Paris and London day tours, cruises on Sydney Harbor, scuba tours in Fiji, and bear-watching tours in Canada. Viator bookings through Galileo e-Agent will soon be viewable as part of the primary traveler’s Viewpoint itinerary along with air, hotel and other bookings, providing travel agents with a single source of information.
“Viator’s technology enables travel content from an assortment of global vendors to be aggregated into an efficient and useful database,” said Viator’s Rod Cuthbert, president and CEO. “By our joint marketing agreement with Galileo, we are placing destination content, via the Galileo e-Agent portal, into the hands of the most important people in the travel equation - travel agents.”
Viator provides Internet-based content, technology and distribution services to the travel industry. For destination activity suppliers, the company provides comprehensive data management, hosting, e-commerce and distribution services. For travel sellers, Viator’s offerings include delivery of the product database and a modular exhibition and e-commerce system that may be easily integrated into retail Web sites.
Viator has been making bold strides in the U.S. since setting up shop here in March. In addition to its most recent deal with Rosemont, Ill.-based Galileo, the company has secured partnerships with major travel companies including
, Worldspan,
, Rosenbluth and