Twenty-First Century Window Dressing

Traveltek launches new travel agency interactive search solution, ActiveWindow Drab agency windows are set to become a thing of the past following the launch of ActiveWindow by Traveltek, the fast-growing travel technology solutions provider.
ActiveWindow is designed to bring the consumer`s agency experience into the 21st century, with attractive signage, large-screen displays in the window and in-store, giving customers hands-on interaction and the ability to search for holidays using a database of thousands of holidays and flights polled directly from viewdata by Traveltek.
ActiveWindow improves agency productivity by reducing the time spent searching through brochures with a consultant and is the solution for the busy agency with queuing customers.
Traveltek`s breakthrough system uses a large monitor or plasma screen positioned in the agency shop window, displaying rolling destination images with holiday prices designed to catch the eye of passing shoppers. Once inside, another ActiveWindow screen allows customers to check the top ten cheapest holidays or flights available by clicking on one of the moving images using an easy-to-use trackball.
Each holiday has its own unique reference number and using ActiveWindow software on the counter-top PC, the agency consultant can key in the reference number to reveal the tour operator and relevant holiday details, check availability and book the holiday using their own viewdata source.
Said Kenny Picken, Traveltek`s managing director: “The system is designed to bring the customer`s trip to the high street agency up to date. In the age of the high street internet café, clients are looking for more than just pictures of resorts and lists of prices. They want moving pictures and interactive features.”
Picken believes travel agents need not be concerned about losing the personal touch. “The software is fully customisable, so agents can gear it towards their clients requirements, whether they`re interested in ski holidays or short breaks.” Agencies have the ability to select favourite operators and destinations, add special offers unique to their branch, and incorporate agency logos and insignia into the user interface.
The standard ActiveWindow system comprises two 21-inch monitors, a customer terminal with trackball, signage with instructions for use and desktop agency software. But the system can be easily extended to multiple screens and terminals to suit a holiday hypermarket environment.
Already successfully piloted in-house and in an agency setting, Picken is confident ActiveWindow will have a strong uptake. “It`s unique in its field and is designed to drive customers into the agency to book their holiday. It adds value to the customer`s agency experience,” he said.