Wiredinn and Uniscape Provide Globalized Hospitality Portal in Hotels Worldwide; Online Information

Uniscape, the leader in ebusiness globalization solutions, today announced that Wiredinn has chosen Uniscape to globalize its worldwide hospitality Web portal.
By integrating the Uniscape Globalization Infrastructure software, Wiredinn will deploy its portal content in multiple languages and cultural preferences for hotel guests around the world.
Wiredinn will use Uniscape`s globalization management system to synchronize and continuously update its portal content and efficiently manage the content localization process. Based in Frisco, Texas, Wiredinn is a leading provider of integrated, broadband Internet solutions to the hospitality industry around the world.
International business travelers are `on the road` more than ever before, and Internet access is of critical concern for hotel clients. Today, it is essential for Web portals to have multilingual and multicultural content because less than half of Web users are native English speakers. According to Dan Hanrahan, vice president of global ebusiness for Wiredinn, “In order for Wiredinn to design a multilingual portal we knew that we needed a globalization management system to support this complex global connectivity.”
“After conducting a thorough review of the major globalization providers, we selected Uniscape to create and maintain our global ebusiness presence. Uniscape, without question, has the most comprehensive, proven and flexible solution,” continued Hanrahan.
“Supporting ebusiness in multiple locations around the world involves the management of complex, distributed processes,” said Steve Adams, president and CEO of Uniscape. “Uniscape`s open and scalable globalization software allows for accurate and efficient distribution of multilingual content. This will support easy connectivity for international travelers who seek business and personal information online.”
The Wiredinn Portal is an unprecedented traveler`s companion connecting guests to their professional and personal worlds. By integrating hotel and area-specific information into the portal, guests can quickly and easily access, among others, guest and business services, recreational facilities, dining and entertainment, guest assistance, frequently asked questions, meeting and conference facilities, guestroom information and reservations, location and contact information, and concierges` personal recommendations.
Guests can also retrieve continuously updated content such as local, regional, global and industry news; daily sports coverage; entertainment news and reviews; weather reports and e-shopping opportunities.