Sabre debuts web-based point of sale portal for travel agencies

Sabre Holdings Corporation - the leading provider of technology and marketing services for the travel industry - debuted eVoya Webtop for Sabre Connected travel agencies.
eVoya Webtop is a customizable, Web-based tool that integrates travel agents` access to hundreds of travel suppliers including airlines, car rental companies, hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, theaters and golf courses. With eVoya Webtop, travel agents have access to the robust travel content of Sabre combined with the broad content of the Internet all available through one site. The debut of eVoya Webtop was made during the Travel Technology Show in Toronto, Canada this week. It will be available for the marketplace in coming weeks.
“The most important aspect of eVoya Webtop is that it lets agencies focus on customer service rather than the mechanics of shopping and booking travel, said Eric J. Speck, group president of the Travel Marketing and Distribution at Sabre. “Sabre has led innovation for the travel industry, and now it is putting this innovation to use to partner with agencies for the tools they need to remain competitive. Our new Webtop is a highly flexible and useful tool set that effortlessly integrates the Sabre system, the Internet, and the best browser-based travel agency solutions in the industry today. This goal could only be accomplished because we first listened to our customers, and then we designed the solution they required. We are providing the highest levels of customer care, so they can compete in an ever-changing marketplace. We believe that is what partnering with our customers is all about.”
eVoya Webtop is part of the desktop component of the Sabre eVoya(SM) package. Unveiled in 2000, Sabre eVoya includes next generation e-products and e-services that enable Sabre Connected travel agencies to compete and win in the e-Commerce world. The eVoya Webtop was designed based on significant customer feedback. More than 1,000 travel professionals and users worldwide provided input for eVoya Webtop prior to its release. Features directly respond to current market needs of both travel consultants and agency managers and owners. These include:
* New revenue opportunities through Specialty Bookings and Sabre Cruises. A comprehensive suite of Customer Relationship Management tools is also planned for the future
* Lower cost connectivity solutions through standard Internet connections
* Reduced agent training time via on-line training
* Increased customer focus through streamlined and integrated travel fulfillment processes
* Improved agent productivity resulting from a customized desktop geared toward each consultant`s specific need
* Access to management tools, including Sabre`s new line of e-services for on-line equipment ordering and purchasing of business supplies through Sabre Marketplace.
eVoya Webtop is available free of charge to Sabre Connected travel consultants. It will be available through the Web site. The architecture behind the eVoya Webtop supports constant innovation and enhancement with very fast time-to-market and reduced distribution costs. Updates and enhancements will be automated, eliminating the need for the loading of CDs.
eVoya Webtop is a global product and is available in six languages. It will be available in coming weeks to North America, Mexico, Latin America and Caribbean markets, to be followed by its introduction for the European marketplace.
“The eVoya Webtop is the product solution specifically designed to help agencies adapt to their changing marketplace,” said Eric Speck. “The eVoya Webtop is the most useful product of its kind because it enables agents to continue to leverage the formats and reliability of host Sabre. As new graphical and Internet features are introduced, agents can select the tools that provide them, and their customers, the most value.”