Canada`s travel industry set for Net revolution

The Internet is dramatically transforming the Canadian travel industry, according to new research from Ispos-Reid.
A study conducted late last year showed that over half of Canadian web users (59 percent) had used the Internet to get travel information, while 18 percent had made some of their travel purchases online.
The vast majority (92 percent) of those who have booked travel online said that they are now using traditional travel agents less because of the Internet.
Based on Ipsos-Reid`s figures, the Canadian online travel industry can expect a bright future. Of the survey respondents who had not yet booked travel over the Internet, 26 percent said they plan to do so within the next year. Should these Net users follow through with their plans, almost 6 million Canadians will be booking travel online by the end of 2001.
Ipsos-Reid claimed that over half of all Canadian adults could be using the Internet to book their travel by 2003.