New Study on E-Travel Consumers and Travelers` Use of the Internet To Be Released by Travel Industry

Many E-commerce sites have gone out of business or are foundering, yet
travel E-commerce is thriving!What`s the difference?  The Internet has
created significant changes in travelers` habits ... find out what and how on
February 27.
Learn the size of the E-Travel Consumer market and what these consumers
are doing online when it comes to travel planning and booking. Online booking
increased 58% last year and has increased 384% in just 4 years! Learn what
types of Web sites are being used and what consumers think of them. What are
the characteristics of leisure trips planned online?  How much money are
travelers spending online and what types of travel products are they buying?
The following will also be covered:
* Usage of travel agents, state tourism offices, newspapers and other mediums
* Why travelers “look” but don`t “book” ... what`s stopping them?
* What is most important when it comes to travel Web sites?
* Age, income and other demographic characteristics of online travelers
* Time spent online by travelers
* Satisfaction of travelers with online experience
* How are trips planned/booked online different from non-online trips?
The Speaker will be Andrea Stueve, Director of Consumer Research, Travel Industry
Association of America.
The report will be released Tuesday, February 27 at 10:30 a.m. at Rockefeller Center, New York, NY.