Malaysia airlines selects shepherd systems to provide technology and services for marketing intellig

Shepherd Systems, a subsidiary of Galileo International, Inc. and a leading provider of marketing intelligence software and services for the travel industry, today announced a new three-year technology services agreement with Malaysia Airlines.
The agreement includes the installation and maintenance of three of Shepherd Systems’ products and the customized processing of Management Information Data Transfer (MIDT) from all of the major computer reservation systems.  This data is essential to the efforts of the carrier’s sales, marketing, scheduling and strategic planning departments.
Under terms of the agreement, Malaysia Airlines will take advantage of the following Shepherd Systems’ state-of-the-art solutions:
* Agent Impact? improves sales capabilities, increases sales personnel productivity, reduces costs associated with the sales process and enhances communications between field and head-office sales managers.
* Market Impact? Online delivers and evaluates traffic patterns in and around any airport in the world.
* Network Impact? enables airlines to find the most profitable scheduling options, resulting in the potential for increased incremental revenue on new and existing routes.
Use of these products is expected to streamline the airline`s sales and marketing operations, transforming the way Malaysia Airlines manages its sales force, various scheduling functions and alliance decisions.
“With the amount of data and information that is available to airlines today, effectively managing it is the key to successful business decisions,” said Mike Malik, president and CEO of Shepherd Systems. “Our goal is to support Malaysia Airlines in transforming raw data into useful information to increase top-line revenues and reduce operating costs.”