New Biztravel Affiliate Programme

Rosenbluth’s has launched the Biztravel Affiliate programme.
Powered by LinkShare Corporation, the programme enables Web site owners to provide access to biztravel`s travel booking services directly from their Web sites and receive commissions for completed transactions.
Affiliates in the programme will earn $2.00 for each air ticket purchased, as well as $1.00 for each hotel reserved in conjunction with an air ticket. Affiliate accounts are credited upon booking rather than trip completion, providing site owners with a faster way to earn commissions.
Affiliates who log more than 10 transactions in a single month will be invited to join the Gold programme and receive commissions of $2.50 per air ticket and $1.25 per hotel room (a 25% increase over standard terms).
Affiliates logging more than 50 sales will be invited to join the Platinum programme with benefits of $3.00 per air ticket and $1.50 per hotel room (a 50% increase). Interested parties can sign up for the program by visiting.