Amadeus Solution For Airbus ... And For Rail Passengers

Airbus Industrie, based in Toulouse, France, will implement Madrid-based Amadeus’ SAP travel management solution as the core system for the Airbus e-business initiative.
A key component of the Airbus online initiative - the company`s search for an integrated online booking tool and expenses management system - was that the solution should be fully browser-based and fully integrated with the Airbus AOLS (Airbus On-Line Services) system. This would make it faster and simpler to deploy, and easier and quicker for Airbus employees to learn to use and adopt. Airbus found that Amadeus SAP Travel Management fulfils all their requirements. Amadeus SAP Travel Management is a fully integrated solution covering all the travel processes - planning, booking, expenses, and reporting - and is also multi-language and multi-currency enabled.
When fully operational by third quarter 2001, the Amadeus SAP Travel Management solution will process the 30,000 bookings and expenses handled by Airbus Industrie every year.
In a separate development, there is good news for those travellers who prefer to go by train, as the Amadeus GDS now offers integrated rail and air information.
Now for city pairs that have viable rail services between them, the system will show both air and rail times.

High speed rail services look set to capture the bulk of short-hop customers e.g. Brussels - Paris, London - Paris; the U.S. is getting the option too, as Amtraks Acela high speed train cuts the train journey time from Washington D.C. to New York to a ‘downtown-to-downtown’ length comparable to flying.