Launches New-Look Web Site Revamped Site Short-listed For Prestigious Industry award, Asia’s leading travel webzine for Asia Pacific and Indian Ocean destinations, recently launched a new-look web site (
The revamped web site is aimed not only at providing a higher quality of travel content in a more customisable way, but also to enhance the multimedia experience that has always been a trademark of’s travel reference web site. The new-look site has also seen being shortlisted as a finalist for Travel Weekly East’s “Golden Web Awards 2001” in the Travel Portal-B2C category.
Describing the improvements to the web site, Mr. Michael Loh, founder and CEO of said, “The improvements, changes and tweaks to the site are many and wide-ranging. For example, web pages are far more user-friendly and open to personalisation. They address more effectively and more specifically the interests of would-be travellers and the information that they require. In addition to this, the addition of the city guide section is particularly relevant to a wide spectrum of users, ranging from leisure to business travellers.”
The additions and improvements to the revamped web site include:
* Travel content located on’s web site will be redistributed into interest-specific channels;
* The display of information on the website has been enhanced to give greater visibility and ease of navigation;
* The loading times of web pages on the new-look site has been improved significantly due to the improved utilisation of design elements and latest browser technologies;
*`s ever popular multimedia section has also been redesigned to give it greater exposure and visibility;
* An entirely new slideshow section has been added;
* Destination content has been updated and reorganised for easier reference;
* City pages have been added to some country destinations with more on the way;
*`s unique product and content cross-matching capability has been greatly improved which will result in successful content-product cross-matching at a greater frequency;
* A whole range of new travel products for the Sabah, Bali and Indonesian regions have been added as a result of travel operators from those areas signing on’s Travel Vendor Partners.
At the same time, the revamped site won a strong vote of approval when it was short-listed for the prestigious Travel Weekly East “Golden Web Awards 2001” in the Travel Portal-B2C category. Mr. Loh said, “It is most gratifying indeed to learn that in the short time that our new-look web site has been online, it has already won the confidence of judges behind this important industry award. More importantly, it is proof that ranks alongside the top Internet travel sites in Asia.”