Metropolitan Delivers Internet Travel Tools to the Corporate Travel Market

Metropolitan Travel announces the introduction of its newly developed travel technology products for corporate
The web-based products - built by Highwire, Inc. - provide the ability for customers to plan, book and manage travel in a new, more efficient high-tech environment.
“Everything we`ve built springs from a deep understanding of customer
needs and is tightly interwoven with real-world service components so
necessary in the corporate travel arena where plans change constantly,” said
CEO of Metropolitan Travel and Highwire, Inc., Marka Jenkins. “Our tools work
for the customer because they support and enhance what travelers want to do
for themselves.”
For highly self-sufficient Metropolitan customers, a virtual pass through
of ticketing and itinerary materials is possible; for the business traveler,
there`s the convenience of online travel planning and reservation capability.
And for companies working with complex, constantly shifting travel conditions,
live support is provided. Jenkins adds, “The corporation is provided with the ability to control travel costs while efficiently managing the travel
procurement process. Each component is designed to improve the cost-effectiveness of every travel dollar spent.”
Travel information is delivered through MetTravel`s product suite via a
customized corporate travel portal. Corporate customers and their employees
use the portal as a gateway to the Internet to facilitate an array of travel-related services as well as management reporting and Web booking capabilities. The online travel reservations system contained within the
product suite was built on second-generation applications that ensure speed, information accuracy and comprehensive corporate policy processes.
“In addition, the all-encompassing management reporting package provides
cost control for effective corporate travel and policy management,” said Kathy
Bass, President of Metropolitan, “and is already in use by more than 100 of
our major corporate customers. This entire product suite is a new service
model, with high quality, Web-based tools making it all possible,” said Bass.
“We`re very eager to show them to all our customers who haven`t already enrolled.”