adAlive Starts PDA Access at JFK

PDA users passing through New York’s JFK Airport now have access to their e-mail and a variety of other applications, thanks to adAlive’s new network of ‘Point-at-the-Port’ Internet access points.
Available to PDA users immediately, adAlive access-points can be found on billboards located in the American Airlines terminal and give fast and free access to valuable content and services.
According to the company, users can:
* download city guides and travel-related information and recommendations from content providers like 10Best
* send and receive email with any POP3 account
* sync Palm applications, such as the AvantGo mobile Internet service and Vindigo, quickly and easily
* backup and refresh personal data on the PDA, such as calendars and address books
* interact with the billboard advertiser to request additional information and special offers right onto their PDA.
adAlive access-points (identifiable by the red `i`) are attached to billboard advertisements found in major walkways. PDA users simply approach them, point their PDA`s infrared port at the device, and quickly access their email, city guides, downloads etc.
Since adAlive uses the existing infrared ports found on most PDAs, no new hardware is required.
In addition, adAlive has announced a strategic relationship with Vindigo, developer of the leading personal navigation platform for handheld devices. As part of the agreement, Palm Powered handheld users will be able to beam Vindigo onto their devices from any adAlive access-point. adAlive also recently announced strategic partnerships with providers such as AvantGo, JCDecaux SkySites, MobileStar and 10Best.
adAlive access-points will be available in other public hot spots, such as hotels and retail stores, and is compatible with Palm, Handspring and Sony Clie devices. Support for PocketPC and other mobile devices with infrared ports, such as cell phones, is in development.