NOP UK Online Survey

A new report from the NOP Research Group found that some 480,000 people in the UK shopped online for holidays and travel in the four weeks leading up to the holiday season last year.Online travel buyers spent an average of £420 ($610) each, significantly more than the average of £113 ($164) spent by the 335,000 online grocery shoppers who made purchases in the same period.
Satisfaction levels with online shopping generally remain extremely high, with just 2% of shoppers saying they were dissatisfied overall with the process. The most common complaints related to the cost of delivery (9%) and the speed of delivery (8%). Just 1% said that they were unhappy with the condition of goods on arrival. Online shoppers said they expect to spend two to three times more money on personal online shopping in 12 months` time, while just 1% expect their current spending levels to decrease.