E-ticket extends to more routes

After a successful six month trial British Airways has extended its revolutionary electronic ticketing scheme to 21 USA routes and a number of cities in Europe
New self-service check-in machines have been installed in Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Bordeaux, Brussels, Copenhagen, Nice, Amsterdam, Paris, Toulouse and New York JFK.

Kieron Gavan, British Airways Head of Global Distribution for UK & I Sales, said: “E-ticket can reduce check-in times to less than one minute. Passengers with hand baggage can check-in at a self-service machine by swiping their credit card or Executive Club card and using touch screen technology they can allocate their seat and print off their own boarding pass.

“Our research has shown that a quarter of travellers on domestic UK flights are now taking advantage of the benefits of E-ticket because of its convenience and flexibility.”

E-ticket has been available on all domestic routes since March 1997 and on German routes since January this year. E-ticket will be available on all the new routes by Wednesday November 18. International E-tickets can be bought through British Airways Telephone Sales on 0345-222111 or selected travel agents.