CSC Picks GetThere

Computer Sciences Corporation, one of the world`s leading consulting and IT services firms, will join the GetThere Marketplace by implementing GetThere`s corporate system on its intranet to enable online travel booking for employees.
With more than 68,000 employees, CSC will introduce the product to a pilot group of several hundred employees, and then plans to roll out the system to employees in the US and the UK by spring.
CSC hopes to achieve 30% adoption of GetThere`s system within the first year of use. CSC chose GetThere`s system primarily for its SuperSite capability, which will help CSC execute and maintain a consistent online travel programme worldwide. The SuperSite feature enables CSC to customise the solution for each of its office locations, allowing sub-sites to be created from its main online travel procurement site in order to meet the travel needs of specific regions. Different currencies, languages and other features can be customised on each of these sites based on country location. All data from transactions resulting from these sites will feed back into the main site, making it easy for the travel department to monitor travel activity, enforce travel policy, create comprehensive reports and analyse data from its offices around the globe.
Future plans include implementing GetThere`s system for the rest of the CSC employees in Europe, as well as to the company`s offices in Australia and Asia.