Agency Help From AirTreks Technology

AirTreks, the leader in Multi-Stop International travel technology and services has introduced a new programme that lets travel agents and agencies sell complex Multi-Stop International air itineraries to clients while generating substantial revenue for themselves.
The AirTreks Travel Agent Program puts powerful Web-based tools at agents` fingertips, allowing them, for the first time, to quickly and easily create customised Multi-Stop International air itineraries for clients and get instant wholesale prices. Travel agents and agencies can then add their own mark-up and set retail prices themselves.
Many travel agencies have suffered due to declining commissions and commission caps imposed by airlines. Since the AirTreks Travel Agent Program allows agencies to set their own prices and profit margins, it can help participating travel agencies survive in the face of increasing competition from large online travel services such as Travelocity, Expedia, Priceline, and Hotwire.
In addition, Multi-Stop International air travel is a large and growing travel niche that the vast majority of travel agencies could not previously serve.
Individual travel agents and travel agencies can register for the AirTreks Travel Agent Program by visiting the
home page and clicking on the Travel Agent link at the bottom of the page.
Once registered, qualified travel agents can use the AirTreks TripPlanner Web tool to create customised itineraries for clients and get instant wholesale prices with one click of their mouse. AirTreks then provides booking and fulfillment services via its staff of expert Travel Counselors. TripPlanner represents a huge technological breakthrough in the automation of Multi-Stop International airfare construction and pricing, a traditionally complex, manual and time-consuming process carried out by rate desks and international airfare experts.