Lanyon Gives Nexion a Speedier Ticketing Process

Nexion, a Silicon Valley-based b-2-b travel distribution company, plans to use Lanyon`s DigitalQueue Technology to help travel agents more quickly and accurately complete the ticketing process.
Lanyon, headquartered in Dallas, delivers multi-channel marketing distribution technologies to the travel industry, with their DigitalQueue system checking agent-created request records for accuracy then automatically issuing passenger tickets. Nexion offers a unique value proposition to travel agencies and corporate travel departments by aggregating the complete inventories of the world`s four major CRS’, Amadeus, Apollo, Sabre and Worldspan, into a simple-to-use Internet-based platform. Its customers also have access to hotel inventory providers Pegasus and Hotel Quest. DigitalQueue scans each record for errors by checking a variety of fields and making sure all necessary data is included, such as a passenger`s name, flight number, date, etc. It also scans for duplicate bookings, makes sure dates aren`t transposed, makes sure requested destinations are feasible on a given date, etc. In short, it ensures the integrity of a reservation, and cuts the ticketing process down from minutes to seconds.
DigitalQueue will seamlessly interface with Nexion`s travel distribution system, which allows travel agents to freely move among differing computerized reservation system inventories without changing formats. Travel agents are usually trained in one or two GDS/CRS formats, and have been unable to access other GDS/CRS databases due to incompatible codes and formats. Nexion uses “syntax mapping,” which acts as a language translator, and easily guides agents through all four of the major GDS/CRS, as well as the direct inventories.