Agents Ezine From Sabre

A new electronic magazine (ezine) for travel professionals has appeared.
Sabre has introduced the new ezine to help travel agents to provide better, more efficient service for their clients in a very competitive and dynamic marketplace. Content will include: news and advice from Sabre product experts, the latest on technologies and techniques, industry news, information about promotions, contests and other events to help boost sales, Sabre news and links to useful information on the Internet. In addition, the ezine will include information for agency owners and managers on how to boost their businesses` bottom line.
Sabre has named the ezine, [email protected]. The name is based on the fact that over time the electronic newsletter will be personalised for each recipient based on individual profiles and preferences. The ezine will be available via subscription to travel professionals through their email every month and will be free to all Sabre Connected travel consultants. The electronic newsletter, [email protected], will also be available at Sabre eServices and Sabre`s Agent Explorer. The initial launch of the ezine will be for the North American region (including Canada), with Latin American and European versions planned for the 2nd and 3rd Quarters of 2001. All versions will be available in multiple languages.