New Partnership Program Offers Access to Around-the-World and Multi-Stop International Airfares

AirTreks(TM), the leader in Multi-Stop International travel technology and services, today announced a new partnership program for Web sites and online travel services that wish to offer Multi-Stop International air travel services to their users while generating substantial revenue for themselves.
Qualified sites can integrate co-branded versions of AirTreks` flagship TripPlanner(TM), a super-powered Web tool that gives users the ability to create customized Multi-Stop International air itineraries and get instant prices with one click of their mouse. AirTreks offers partners attractive revenue-sharing arrangements.
“More and more, round-trip and point-to-point itineraries are not meeting travelers` needs,” said AirTreks president and CEO Jim Pilaar. “TripPlanner does what all the other online booking engines can`t—it gives people accurate prices for international air itineraries that involve more than three or four destinations. AirTreks recognizes that the future of international travel is Multi-Stop International travel.”
Inaugural TripPlanner partners include,, Adventureseek,, and
among others.
TripPlanner represents a huge technological breakthrough in the automation of Multi-Stop International airfare construction and pricing—a traditionally complex, manual and time-consuming process carried out by rate desks and international airfare experts. Now, users can create itineraries with virtually unlimited numbers of destinations, get instant prices, and find exactly the trip that suits their unique needs and specific budget. TripPlanner searches through millions of possible routings, fares, and itineraries and instantly calculates the most efficient combinations.
Combined with AirTreks` Global Sourcing(TM) strategy for airfares, its staff of expert Travel Counselors, and its attractive value-added services, TripPlanner truly offers and end-to-end solution for planning, pricing and booking Multi-Stop International air tickets.