UK first with latest in high-tech advertising

British Airways has become the first company in the UK to use the latest in on-line advertising methods, to promote its biggest-ever investment in airline history.

As another example of it leading the way in the 21st Century, the airline is capitalising on the latest in leading-edge technology - Superstitials? non-banner rich media advertising method - being launched this week in the UK.

Its on-line approach is a core part of its multi-million investment in new products and services, set to redefine business travel, including the world’s first fully flat bed and a new class of travel - seen at, a new high-tech site showcasing the products from the biggest investment in airline history.

The on-line advertising was developed in cooperation with technology leader Unicast and DoubleClick (behind the Superstitial technology), with the site being designed by

Superstitials are highly interactive, non-banner online advertisements which are activated during pauses in ‘net surfing’. This new advertising method highlights the world’s first fully flat bed for business class passengers which is being progressively introduced on key routes.


The campaign is running on a wide selection of sites including,,

All advertising directs customers to, a new website that provides users with an interactive insight in to the airline’s new leading 21st Century products and services. At the site customers can interact with British Airways products, join an email loyalty club and see demonstrations of the new Club World business class and new class for the cost-conscious traveller, World Traveller Plus.

British Airways E-Commerce marketing manager Daniel Read said the Superstitials advertising features full animation, sound and graphics and is capable of conveying integrated advertising messages more effectively than any other Internet advertising format.

“This British Airways campaign has already proven to be a staggering 40 times more responsive than the average banner ad campaign,” Mr Read said
This new method of advertising is fast playing a key role in marketing both this and all of the airline’s products and services by effectively redirecting a larger audience to our web site.”

“British Airways has led the industry in leveraging the power of the Internet to advance our position as the premier provider of travel services. Our approach to our Internet advertising strategies are no exception. With Superstitials, we can continue to set the pace among leading global corporations in our Web advertising initiatives.”