Expedia Hit In Access Debacle

My attention has been caught recently by a television commercial running here in the U.K. for the Expedia online travel site.
The ad features a well-heeled designer-shades wearing couple travelling around the world, having, presumably, booked their holiday through Expedia.
The final shot shows them at a fine-dining establishment with the waiter offering “lobster?” the couple then removing their sunglasses to reveal ultra white skin around their eyes and sunburned noses with the caption, “We haven’t forgotten anything, have you?”
A very funny, very effective advertising message.
It’s a pity that potential travellers are being lured to the Expedia site given the media attention to the problems experienced with Microsoft sites, including Expedia, last week.
This morning, I found the expedia.co.uk site running well, Microsoft having given the assurance that the ‘denial-of-service’ problem had been rectified.
Access had been restricted to users of, not only Expedia, but also Hotmail and Encarta, with differing explanations having been given by Microsoft.
It should be emphasized that at no time during the access restrictions were the sites not working properly; of course, if one is unable to get to the site then that’s neither here nor there.