VRX Studios Releases Proprietary Virtual Tour Product

VRX Studios Inc., a leading end-to-end content solutions provider, today announced the release of a powerful new application that integrates proprietary drill-down maps with VRX’s entire archive of 360-degree virtual tours.
This new application combines the functionality of online mapping software with the immersive nature of VRX’s virtual tours allowing travel-related Web sites to offer online consumers virtual tours of hundreds of vacation destinations throughout the Caribbean, Hawaiian Islands, Mexico, US, and Canada.
While numerous companies have been using portions of the proprietary maps and 360-degree virtual tours, canada.com (www.canada.com), a CanWest Interactive company, is the first company to utilize VRX’s new mapping application and entire archive of virtual tours. canada.com, Canada’s most comprehensive Internet network and portal, is adding VRX’s proprietary drill-down maps and virtual tours to complement the information and services provided at the canada.com travel channel.
“Adding the map function to VRX’s existing collection of images enhances the travel planning experience for canada.com’s visitors looking to daydream, plan and ultimately book their next trip,” said Thea Partridge, travel producer for canada.com. “These online tools work seamlessly, enabling us to better serve our visitors by providing an interesting and stimulating environment for travelers.”
“VRX delivers the most compelling and immersive online content for the travel and tourism industry,” noted David MacLaren, president and CEO of VRX Studios. “By integrating our extensive archive of virtual tours with illustrated drill-down maps, our customers can now offer their clients a powerful new tool for researching potential destinations for their next vacation. The addition of VRX’s new mapping application complements the users’ virtual tour experience by geographically organizing VRX’s extensive archive of virtual tours. Ultimately this will result in ease of use for online consumers purchasing travel-related products and services.” VRX’s new virtual tour product is available through www.maxvr.com and can be added to a Web site for as little as US$29.95 per month.