Increased Advertising Inventory on Worldspan

TravelCLICK announced on Thursday the final expansion of its global Travel Agent Media Network with the launch of Worldspan Accents, the newest electronic point-of-sale advertising capability on the GDS.
This expansion adds nearly 21,000 travel agencies around the world to TravelCLICK`s media network.

The launch is unique in that Worldspan Accents is the first GDS media product for which TravelCLICK will serve ads directly into the mainframe system of a GDS, using an adaptation of DoubleClick`s AdServer technology. The application is also unique in that it represents the first commercial deployment of AdServer technology onto a non-Internet platform.
The innovative use of AdServer with Worldspan Accents follows months of joint planning and co-development by TravelCLICK, Worldspan, and DoubleClick. Though upon start-up the launch has been limited to Worldspan`s top 10 markets, ad inventory is already approaching 1,000,000 impressions a day. Expectations are that this will increase to 3,000,000 impressions a day when TravelCLICK extends ad serving to all Worldspan markets by month end.
With the addition of promotional messaging capabilities through Worldspan, TravelCLICK`s Travel Agent Media Network will provide electronic advertising reach to more than 450,000 travel agents worldwide. These travel agents, combined, sell more than $250 billion in travel services each year through their computer terminals.