Traveldish On Online Menu

Traveldish Media today opened, an online magazine specialising in international immersion travel and cultural adventuring - vacation opportunities that connect travellers with indigenous practices, customs and treatments that stimulate the mind as well as the body.
“Traveldish is a frank, fun and intelligent travel magazine for travellers who want to experience foreign culture rather than peer at it from the window of a tour bus,” said William Tyree, Co-founder and CEO. “We report on the amazing, the frightening and the beautifully bizarre world of travel.”
Exotic adventures with Traveldish writers include: a spiritual retreat in a Japanese Buddhist monastery; indulging in beauty treatments derived from ancient Native American practices; learning how to become a horse whisperer in Arizona; getting ready to rumble at a legendary Thai boxing training camp in Chiang Mai. Traveldish is also pleased to offer an exhaustive resource directory. The Traveldish Directory offers up-to-date contact information that enables readers to participate in cultural study, immersion travel and hedonism around the globe.
A sample offering of the Traveldish Directory includes: a listing of culinary programs across France where vacationers learn how to make French cuisine; Spanish language and Flamenco dance programs for vacationers in Spain; spas featuring indigenous beauty and health treatments throughout Asia.
Site visitors will also be able to book airline tickets and hotel and car reservations directly on the site, as well as use a variety of travel-related tools and services, such as currency calculators and world weather/time zone trackers. The magazine also features the Flying Solo column, which profiles travellers who have braved immersion travel and other adventures on their own. The launch issue profiles the PR director for Counter Spy Shops and
, a 25-yr-old adventuress who never travels overseas without her spy briefcase and spy shoes.
Original site design and music for Traveldish was conceived by innovative Seattle design team Jie23. “Jie23`s breakthrough design adds depth and dimension to the readers` experience,” said Michelle Dalton Tyree, President and Editor-in-Chief. “We invite our readers to enter the global playpen.” “The Internet is a realm where words, images, sound and motion all combine to form a more inclusive interactive statement,” said Rob Dalton, Jie23 partner. “Everything is possible.”