First Chinese Internet Monitor ever, by Pro Active International shows that China is the fastest gro

Pro Active International is proud to announce their recent important strategic alliance with Ediaocha, the Customer Knowledge Division of Isence Corporation, one of the most leading market research bureau’s in China.
This partnership has enabled Pro Active International to extend the reach of The Internet Monitor TM into the Asian market. In essence, ensuring that a truly global standard on the Internet and how people use this medium can be achieved. The Internet Monitor TM is the largest global study of its kind to provide long-awaited and much needed information about how people use the Internet. The Internet Monitor is conducted twice per year in 25 countries.
In this first truly global run of the Monitor, more than 60,000 Chinese Internet users from over 30 of China’s most influential web sites-,amongst which the NASDAQ-listed companies Sohu, Sina and Chinadotcom-, recognised The Internet Monitor as an being an important means of obtaining invaluable trend and benchmark information on world-wide Internet usage and China in specific.
It is very striking to note the high percentage of Chinese Internet users who have bought or ordered something via the Internet, especially considering the fact that most of the Chinese Internet users only started to access the Internet between 1999 and 2000, 61% have been online since then. 18% of Chinese Internet users have purchased online, that figure is 8% higher than the European statistic, whereby only 10% of Internet users have purchased online.
The attitude of Chinese Internet users towards online advertisements is remarkable. The percentage of Chinese Internet users that regularly click upon online adverts is enormous. 46% of Chinese users click regularly upon online adverts through to websites as compared to only 29% of European Internet users and 28% of North American Internet users.
In addition to these figures it is interesting to note that the frequency by which Chinese Internet users are clicking on online adverts is growing substantially. 35% state that the frequency by which they click upon online adverts will increase in the coming 6 months.
Liesbeth Hop, CEO of Pro Active International: “We are very excited about our recent strategic alliance with Ediaocha, which supports us in extending the reach of our renowned Internet Monitor, the industry standard in online research, into the Asian market. It is very special that a Dutch company is the first one to conduct such a large scale online research with 60,000 Chinese Internet users. From this research it appears that China is the fastest growing Internet market in the world, with a young generation of Internet users, offering many new exciting opportunities for providers of Internet services of any kind.”
Yuan Li Chen, Marketing Director of Isence (Ediaocha): “We are very enthusiastic about our co-operation with Pro Active International. The Internet Monitor TM enabled us to build up a research database encompassing detailed profiles of Internet users throughout China that is up to 10 times larger than the panels used by other research companies active in China. This in combination with the global standard set by The Internet Monitor TM allows us to provide the Chinese Internet community with the most reliable trend information possible. And the beautiful thing is: our clients can directly compare the data provided by us with the same sort of data from around the world.”