New Travelocity Fare Finder

Leading the online travel industry once again, Travelocity has launched new technology that shows consumers when they should travel to obtain the lowest airfares.
Now a traveller can click on the lowest fare and immediately view a calendar showing flight availability over a three-month period. By moving their trip just a few days, they may save hundreds of dollars.
But the calendar only scratches the surface of what the new technology will do for Travelocity customers. The 18-month, $5 million research and development project is based on an entirely new Unix-based pricing platform that allows Travelocity to take the key components of the fare search process—such as fares and flight availability—off the mainframe, so it can sort through millions of variables involved in fare searching in new ways. This will make searching more efficient for customers and give Travelocity an even better ability to meet the unique needs of online shoppers by adding features more quickly in the future.