Lowestfare.com Enhances Web Site with Virtualtourist.com`s Award-winning Travel Community Solution

Ken Swanton, CEO of Lowestfare.com, announced today that his company’s new partnership with internet solution provider VirtualTourist.com has exceeded all expectations.
“We’re very pleased with the results we’ve seen over the past two months. Page views are soaring by hundreds of thousands, while well over a thousand visitors have joined Lowestfare.com‘s Travel Community,” Swanton said.
In featuring the VirtualTourist.com powered community, Lowestfare.com offers the Internet as it was meant to be - a free resource for sharing information. Lowestfare.com’s commitment to provide the highest-quality online travel planning experience for the end-user influenced the decision to choose the VirtualTourist solution. The site provides not only cutting edge community features and superior content, but also easy-to-use tools for currency, metric, time and language conversions.
More than 100,000 members worldwide form the backbone of the Travel Community. These members can circulate up-to-the-minute travel information via discussion forums or online chat, send postcards and find friends who match their interests, experiences and demographics. These experiences can be shared with friends, family and other members by uploading pictures and commentary to personalized member pages on the Lowestfare.com Travel Community.
“Our goal was to augment the Lowestfare.com Web site with a value added feature that would improve the visitors’ experience. The new Lowestfare.com Travel Community provides a source for user-generated travel information, a forum to share stories and pictures or ask questions, personalization features, postcards, online chat, travel tools and more,” stated Michael Quine, Lowestfare.com’s Director of Internet Development.
“The Lowestfare.com Travel Community also achieved our business objectives, which were to increase site stickiness, build user loyalty, improve customer retention, and enhance the Lowestfare.com brand. The Lowestfare.com Travel Community exceeds community features offered by other sites in the internet travel space and sets a new standard for online travel communities.”
“Lowestfare.com’s partnership with VirtualTourist.com symbolizes their commitment to a high-quality end-user experience,” said J. R. Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder of VirtualTourist, Inc. “We are very pleased that this leading online travel company selected us as their licensing supplier to assist them in creating long-term customer relationships,” he added.