TravelCLICK selects DoubleCLick ad server for travel agent network

After months of joint planning and development, TravelCLICK has selected DoubleClick`s AdServer technology to provide advertising distribution capabilities for TravelCLICK`s Travel Agent Media Network, which electronically delivers millions of text-based promotional messages to travel agent’s CRSs.
This new technology infrastructure will allow TravelCLICK to offer its customers enhanced targeting capabilities, improved performance reporting, and consolidated billing. Additionally, improved impression forecasting and inventory management will result in the development of more efficient and effective media plans for the travel suppliers that advertise on the network.
Over the past few years, TravelCLICK, along with its travel industry partners, has developed an portfolio of digital media products which are delivered through a global network to travel agents who book over $250 billion in travel related goods and services annually, and who, combined, represent the world`s largest e-commerce marketplace.
Once this technology is fully deployed across TravelCLICK`s network of over 450,000 travel agents around the world, it will be capable of handling thousands of highly-targeted ad requests per second, making TravelCLICK one of DoubleClick`s largest and most sophisticated ad serving customers.
“The full integration of AdServer into the TravelCLICK network will add speed, efficiency and reliability to the way ads are delivered. This will increase our capability to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time,`` said Ray Cohen, president and co-CEO of TravelCLICK.
The DoubleClick ad server technology also will allow TravelCLICK to extend beyond text-based ads to CRSs. Eventyally TravelClick expects to be able to deliver a variety of media formats onto a broad range of delivery platforms on the Internet, including hand-held and wireless devices.
“As Internet channels grow in importance, we expect to use this enabling technology to serve promotional messages simultaneously to both travel agents via the network and to consumers via the Internet,`` added Cohen. “Travel and entertainment advertisers are not looking for one channel or another. They want their message targeted to as many travel agents and consumers that fit a specific marketing need.”
This marks the first time that DoubleClick’s commercial ad serving has been implemented in the non-Internet, environment.
“Serving ads into a non-Internet environment where volumes are high and response-time performance is critical is a true testament to the openness, scalability and flexibility of DoubleClick`s AdServer architecture,`` said David Rosenblatt, senior vice president and general manager, DoubleClick TechSolutions. “We are truly excited to be pioneering this development with TravelCLICK.``