5% - 90%: Latest results shows the gulf between the new and established Airlines in the battle for o

The younger the airline, the more likely it is that ticket sales will be conducted online, but encouraging results have been released from long-established Delta.
Although only 5% of Delta ticket sales were made online, they totalled 2.5 million with net revenue of $775 million. (1999 - 930,000 sold, $290 million revenue). Delta registered 1.5 million new users last year (575,000 in 1999) with the highest daily sale of over $5 million.
Record weekly sale in 2000 was almost $20 million. www.delta.com Europe’s RyanAir sells more seats online than any other airline, up to 90% in fact. This figure is up from 40% last year. www.ryanair.com UK budget carrier easyJet has just announced their figures for last month showing that 82.3% of seats were sold over the Internet, an increase of 35.7% over December 1999. www.easyjet.com Texas-based Southwest Airlines generated 25% of its revenue (as at September 2000) through Internet bookings. Southwest has 2.4 million subscribers through its weekly Click ‘N Save e-mails. Full results are due on 16th January.