ebookers.com to Start Flight Auctions

ebookers.com, Europe`s No.1 online travel company, announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with
technology infrastructure company capXnow to provide flight auctions on its
European travel websites.
The initial roll-out of the service is expected to
begin in Q2 2001.  The service is also expected to be extended to other travel
products and services, including hotels and car hire.
capXnow will provide the technology to allow ebookers.com`s customers to
take part in `dynamic offerings` on distressed and promotional flight inventory from up to several weeks prior to departure. Customers entering the auction website will be presented with a maximum price and will be invited to submit bids on or below this amount.
A unique feature of the capXnow technology is that it incorporates customer relationship management (CRM)
software. Permission-based customer data gathering and push-marketing will
allow ebookers.com to target customers with specific tailored deals and price
propositions, for example based on customer loyalty or historic destination
The financial terms of the understanding with capXnow will be based on
revenue share with ebookers.com.  ebookers.com does not expect to incur
significant development costs.
Dinesh Dhamija, CEO ebookers.com, comments:
“ebookers.com already stands out from its competitors by selling the full range of air fares, published airline rates, negotiated discount fares and
distressed or `last minute` inventory.  An agreement with capXnow will add a
major new dimension to our selling of distressed capacity.  We believe that
the way the capXnow technology incorporates customer relationship management technology will give us a significant advantage over our competitors.”
Frank Wade, CEO of capXnow, comments:
“Airline and other travel industry suppliers will improve their yields and
maintain full control of the placement of their capacity.  capXnow is enabling
ebookers.com to access our dynamic placement system.  This will allow ebookers.com`s customers globally to access the suppliers` offering or to
trade frequent traveller awards according to the dynamics of the marketplace.
ebookers.com represents a critical component for the capXnow system, making it
even more productive for our suppliers.”