Peragis moves into US market with Galileo

Peragis, a Canadian firm that provides business-to-business e-commerce company for the travel industry, is making some bold strides into the US market through a partnership with Galileo International that offers its US-based travel agency customers cost effective Internet booking options and a marketing agreement with Hickory Travel Systems/First Travel Management Americas.
Hickory/FTM will market the products to its network of more than 200 travel agencies and 3,200 worldwide locations. Hickory FTM members represent more than 25,000 desktops and generate approximately US$17 billion in annual air sales.
With the assistance of the Hickory sales force, the agreement will allow Peragis to target its initiatives toward the agents. The Peragis Suite of Products will be introduced and endorsed by the Hickory directorate to all First Travel Management members internationally.
Hickory members will have access to Peragis Central, an intranet system developed specifically for the travel industry. Peragis Central provides a virtual network environment for sharing files and reference materials and allows agency groups and consortia to distribute information across agency locations. Agents can communicate with anyone in the membership through various tools, including message boards and real-time chat.
“We are completely embracing the technological advances made by the Peragis Suite of Products,” commented L. William Chiles, President and CEO of Hickory. “In order for the membership of any travel group to get ahead in today’s competitive marketplace, they must have access to the most up-to-date, influential technology. Imagine the customer service possibilities when questions from an agent in Atlanta can be answered almost instantaneously by a knowledgeable Hickory source in Seattle.”
The company also has entered a partnership with Galileo that gives Peragis an even broader potential distriution of its products.
“As the travel industry is rapidly changing with technology innovations and new business models, Galileo and Peragis are bringing efficiencies and economies to help customers maximize their potential,” said Galileo`s Karen Hannon, vice president for US subscriber sales and service. “In the travel industry, one size does not fit all needs. With this agreement, Galileo is offering another cost-effective option for agencies to conduct business and thrive on the Internet.”
“This relationship with Galileo is fundamental to facilitate Peragis` move into the US market,” commented Glen Kerby, CEO of Peragis, a Canadian firm. “Peragis` rich storefront content increases agent productivity through its user-friendly graphical user interface helps agents cut costs at all levels, and allows them to enter into the competitive e-travel industry at an established level of excellence.”