New Tools from is now introducing unique advice tools that let online travellers plan getaways THEIR way.
With this new generation of unique tools, online travellers can select exactly how they want personal destination advice delivered. The new capability, the first of its kind on the Internet, lets someone directly compare destinations or regions to make the best vacation planning decisions.
Since 49% of online travellers use the Internet to select destinations, the new VacationCoach tools are a key way for people to save time and fight information overload. Customers using the new functionality can target the places they`re considering and then compare them to see which destinations are the best match for what they really want to do. With close to 200 destinations in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean, VacationCoach serves up the most advanced planning resources for customers, selecting their vacation, weekend, and getaway destinations. offers its partners a number of flexible syndication options, from simple “Vacation Finder” tools to Private-label Concierge Solutions. Partners can tailor the advice solutions to their own needs, from demographic-based user personalities to proximity-oriented travel and destination comparison tools like “Someplace Similar”.
All syndication options utilise VacationCoach`s one-of-a-kind profiling technology that catches the nuances of online travellers interests to deliver objective, expert travel advice drawn from a rich destination database. The expert knowledge that fuels the VacationCoach Advice Engine is provided by a seasoned team of Travel and Activity Specialists, including Olympic skating medallist Nancy Kerrigan, Olympic Gold Medallist (Sydney 2000) Eric Fonoimoana, best-selling B&B guidebook author Bernice Chesler, and LPGA champion Jane Blalock, among many others.