Further extending its reach into the ever-expanding mobile business marketplace, Galileo International, Inc., an electronic global travel distribution services leader, today announced that its industry-leading wireless application now is available on BlackBerry Wireless Handheldså? from Research In Motion Limited (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM).  Now, travelers using the popular BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds with GoAmericaå‘s Go.Web browser can access their personalized travel itineraries (air, car and hotel), modify or change seat assignments, change flight reservations, and receive notification of on-time flights, delays and cancellations, along with many other features using Galileo Wirelesså?.
“BlackBerry customers value the ability to access time-sensitive information and interact with people and organizations while they`re travelling,” said Mark Guibert, director of marketing at Research In Motion. “Combining Galileo`s personalized, wireless travel services with the `Always On, Always ConnectedTM` BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds allow business clients to stay informed about their travel schedules and better manage their itineraries on the road.”
BlackBerry is an end-to-end wireless e-mail solution designed to allow mobile users to manage their e-mail wherever they go. BlackBerry features a completely integrated package that includes the industry`s most advanced wireless handhelds, innovative software and nationwide airtime on leading wireless data networks. 
“The Galileo Wireless platform was developed so applications and devices could be easily added, based on market demand and technology advances,” said Galileo’s James E. Lubinski, executive vice president, Operations.  “The addition of the leading-edge BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds further extends Galileo’s reach of its travel services into the hands of the business traveler and the devices they depend on day-to-day.”
Launched in June, Galileo Wireless is continually updated with new functions and features as the market warrants.  Today, a key differentiating feature of the service is the automatic data synchronization of the traveler’s entire itinerary with the corporation’s or business traveler’s sponsoring travel agency.  This is the key to maintaining comprehensive control over travel-related information for reporting and customer service.