cyberPIXIE COO Steve Lewin Interview at the IHMR show - Bringing Wireless Internet to Hotel Guests

cyberPIXIE is emerging as the recognized leader in the delivery of personal portal technology over broadband, wireless networking.
Founded last year, cyberPIXIE, a Chicago-based company, is developing portal solutions for vertical markets such as hospitality, travel, sports and entertainment that will enable users to have high-speed, untethered access to products and services over the internet.
Among the initial channels for deployment of our solution, cyberPIXIE will focus on Hotels and Resorts, Cruise Ships, Restaurants and Sports Arenas. Additionally, users will be able to access their own portals from work or home computers.
To deliver the wireless access, cyberPIXIE is partnering with leading technology companies who will provide state-of-the-art hardware for wireless transmission and receipt.