ABACUS International Pte Ltd, the Asia-Pacific`s largest Global Distribution System, has signed up ZingASIA as another participant on its [email protected] product.
[email protected], ABACUS’ private label service, helps travel service providers in the Asia-Pacific to build their own web sites while allowing consumers to check and make online reservations from their homes or workplace.
Launched in October 1999, [email protected] gives real-time travel information from the ABACUS reservations system via the Internet. [email protected] offers a suite of products and service levels - from a fully hosted solution to fully customised programmes.
ZingASIA, a leisure and travel Internet portal, signed up for WEBlink.API. WEBlink.API, an application programming interface, allows travel providers and cyber malls or portals to develop their own Internet flight booking systems to connect their websites to the ABACUS host.
The benefits that ZingASIA will enjoy with WEBlink.API include the freedom to choose their own platform. They can also decide on the “look and feel” of their web storefront, as well as having the flexibility to choose their own components, for example, membership or fares system and the credit card payment gateway.
ABACUS Vice President for E-Commerce, Patrick Lai, said: “We are pleased to be working with ZingASIA to connect them to the ABACUS reservations system. Our business objectives are closely connected and this partnership will prove to be yet another win-win proposition for both parties.”
Added Paul Chong, Executive Director and Chairman, Executive Committee of ZingASIA: “We chose to partner with ABACUS because they complement the technology platform, as well as our intrinsic value proposition to leisure and business travellers.”
ZingASIA is the latest to join the growing list of WEBlink.API participants. Other users include ATP from Korea, Biz Travel, Togo Travel and TISNet from Taiwan, Biz Travel in Hong Kong, and Safe2travel from Singapore.