Super Negotiated Fares Through Sabre

Sabre has released a new feature of the popular Sabre Snap! Negotiated Pricing functionality.
This new feature, which will be available to Sabre Connected travel consultants in January next year, will let agencies mark-up and redistribute net fares for auto-pricing and ticketing in the Sabre global distribution system (GDS).
This feature supports the Airline Tariff Publishing Company`s (ATPCO) newly automated Category 35 - Super Negotiated Fares, and will enable airlines to file negotiated net fares directly through ATPCO for distribution in the Sabre GDS.
The marked-up fares will be priced via Sabre Snap! Negotiated Pricing and will automatically follow all airline ticketing instructions, including international BSP ticketing standards. Additionally, agencies will be able to mark-up and redistribute net fares through the Sabre Web site.
This new feature is expected to allow agencies to closely monitor their revenues, by marking-up non-commissionable net fares by either an amount or percentage. The flexible interface gives agencies the ability to set different selling prices in different markets, or mark-up a whole region or country at a time.
Marked-up net fares will be immediately available in the Sabre system for rules validation, auto-pricing, and auto-ticketing, which saves manual-ticketing time and boosts travel consultant productivity.