PhoCusWright Survey Shows Travelocity is Tops Among Online Travel Users And Buyers; Travelocity Land

The results are clear: Online travelers use Travelocity, the leading travel Web site, far more than any other travel web site.

That was among the findings of the PhoCusWright 2000 Travel E-Commerce Survey completed in November. Travelocity ranked first in the categories ``most-visited online travel site,`` ``most-used online travel site for buying travel online,`` and ``single favorite site to buy travel online`` among those who buy all of their travel online.
``These first place rankings confirm Travelocity`s leadership position within the online travel industry, further proving that Travelocity is a trusted and recognized brand that provides consumers the best way to shop for and buy travel,`` said Terrell B. Jones, president and chief executive officer of Travelocity. ``Our technology leadership, combined with our vast database of travel information, customer relationship management, strong partnerships and focus on customer service have made Travelocity a true pioneer in online travel. We are poised to continue this growth as an e-commerce leader.``
According to PhoCusWright, an independent Internet travel intelligence company:
* Thirty-six percent of online travelers have visited Travelocity within the past year to either research their travel destination and/or purchase travel on the site. This compares with 21 percent for the next closest competitor.
* Twenty-four percent of those surveyed said that Travelocity is the Web site they most often use when planning or buying travel online; the next nearest competitor scored 15 percent.
* Seventeen percent surveyed said Travelocity was their single favorite site to buy travel, about equal to its next two competitors combined.
* Of those who buy all their travel online—a growing group—Travelocity is the favorite site of 28 percent. The next nearest competitors scored 12 and eight percent.

The PhoCusWright survey also concluded that 21 million Americans bought travel online last year, doubling the Internet travel market for the second consecutive year. Further, seven million of those consumers buy their travel exclusively online. These and other findings in the PhoCusWright survey chart the substantial growth of online travel in the last three years—from six million online travel buyers in 1998, to 21 million now, a net increase of 350 percent.
``Travel is the most-shopped category on the Internet today, and this recent report from PhoCusWright confirms it,`` added Jones.
Conducted annually, the PhoCusWright survey takes an in-depth look at the customer experience of shopping for travel online. The survey was conducted by telephone among a random sample of Americans across the country. More than 10,000 individuals were contacted to obtain a sample of 505 ``online travelers`` Americans who`ve flown via commercial carrier in the last year and used the Internet in the last month.