Expedia Privacy Award

has announced that the company has been awarded the Better Business Bureau Online (BBBOnline) and TRUSTe privacy seals, building on the successful completion of a privacy audit from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) announced in September.
These certifications, including the rigorous audit from PWC, represent the “triple crown” of online privacy protections for its customers and show that Expedia.com is living up to all aspects of its privacy policy.
“Privacy is consistently one of the top five concerns consumers raise when purchasing online. Expedia.com is the top e-commerce site to earn this triple crown and the first of the top 10 online travel agent sites (as ranked by Gomez.com) to post any of the three privacy seals,” said Tony Gonchar, Customer Relationship Management Director and Privacy Manager of Expedia, Inc. “The BBBOnline and TRUSTe seals demonstrate that we are dedicated to instilling our customers with confidence and trust in the site. The PWC seal guarantees that we practice what we preach in our privacy promise.”
“Expedia(R) has passed our rigorous standards for certification and established the necessary self-regulating procedures that will keep consumers` personal data secure,” said Bob Lewin, President and CEO of TRUSTe. “This seal is a sign to customers that Expedia will make it easy to protect personal information online.”
The company received the BBBOnline and TRUSTe seals following the completion of an application process and a detailed assessment of the company`s privacy policy. In addition to these seals, Expedia uses leading security technology and procedures that are regularly reviewed by the independent accounting firm Deloitte & Touche.