Airport Specific Booking Site From

Here’s a new twist in online booking sites; one that is dedicated to flights in and out of a specific airport.
plc today announced a new partnership with Manchester (UK) Airport, allowing passengers to book flights online into and out of Manchester from anywhere in the world.
The website has been designed to give passengers to and from the North West of England a unique and convenient way to book flights dedicated to their requirements for the first time. Passengers stand to benefit from a customised service, which simplifies the booking procedure and provides information tailored to travelling in and out of Manchester airport. It allows users to look at all scheduled flights using Manchester Airport based on TelMe Global Travellers cheapest fares or most suitable flight times and provides the capability to book into one of 43,000 hotels worldwide. There is also the ability to view TelMe Global travellers` special fare deals from Manchester to Europe, America and the Far East.
Manchester Airport`s offering is based on the UK-based’s Global Traveller search engine. The partnership marks a further expansion in plc`s affiliation programme, which already includes Egg and Freeserve.