Wireless Internet Service and Handheld Device Let Users Make Holiday Travel Plans on the Go

PALO ALTO, In this hectic season of merrymaking and mistletoe, travel can test the mettle of even the most seasoned globetrotters.Whether it`s business or pleasure, the convenience of a handheld device with a
wireless Internet service lets you make and change travel plans quickly, check
for flight delays and gates, find the best restaurants and events in cities
you are visiting, and get driving directions while you`re on the go.
With online travel bookings expected to reach 71.9 million by 2002,
according to the Travel Industry Association of America, and access to
real-time information in high demand, a handheld device with a wireless
Internet service such as OmniSky could become your trusted travel companion.
Used with a Palm V or Vx , Handspring Visor Platinum or Prism, or Hewlett
Packard Jornada, OmniSky service provides relevant information anytime from
almost anywhere.
“Mobile users want information when and where they need it-on the way to
the airport, in a taxi or at a ski lodge,” said John Miniati, OmniSky`s
director of mobile commerce. “The OmniSky Travel Channel provides relevant,
real-time travel data-flight status, weather and traffic reports-and
comprehensive local information on restaurants, movie times, museums and
nightlife. All the while you can get your email, browse the Internet, and make
transactions like buying holiday gifts.”
Simply access the service from your handheld, tap the OmniSky Travel Channel and a listing of the best travel information sites appear. Another tap takes you to the site of choice. Here are a few sites that make it easy to get information on the fly:

* Go2Online (http://www.go2online.com/) is a great tool when you`re in an unfamiliar city. It provides local yellow pages, driving directions, movie times and locations of stores and restaurants. You can also find the nearest service stations, hospitals and other emergency services.

* United Airlines (http://www.ual.com/) offers flight availability, flight status, and information on Awards travel. Services include e-mail and paging alerts with flight status and gate information.

* Biztravel (http://www.biztravel.com/) automatically pages you one hour before departure regarding flight status, delays or cancellations. Save time with CalendarDirect by downloading your itinerary from the Web directly into your handheld device.

* Travelocity (http://www.travelocity.com/) lets you instantly book flights, review existing itineraries, check gate and flight information, and receive a text page regarding flight status.