i-tinerary mTravel Assistant solution

i-tinerary Travel Solutions introduces new-age wireless and web travel solutions, offering products and services to business travellers who are under-served at the moment of truth when business travellers need complete control.
Not your traditional water-cooler assistant, the company`s core product mTravel Assistant is a real-time intelligent electronic assistant, designed to replicate thought and activity traditionally carried out by a skilled executive travel consultant. Key features of the free and downloadable service include schedule integration and automated trip planning driven by appointments made in CRMs and PIMs, immediate notification of trip delays or flight cancellations with alternatives pre-selected based on travellers` preferences, complete purchasing and cancelling capabilities from a PC or PDA for air, car and hotel, a travel banking programme that reclaims the value of unused tickets, and an international appeal featuring information in English, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Danish and Italian. Founded to capitalise on the significant gaps in the business travel service industry, the company is backed by i:FAO of Germany and eSeed Capital of San Francisco. i-tinerary Travel Solutions is the first to develope an integrated end-to-end web and wireless solution that delivers a new level of intelligence, integration, automation, control, productivity enhancement and cost efficiencies to the $300 billion worldwide business travel market. The mTravel Assistant(TM) simplifies the travel process, and offers compelling productivity and financial benefits to corporations and individual business travellers. With the unknowns often associated with travel, travellers can employ the services the mTravel Assistant(TM) to save time and money, reduce stress and increase productivity for business travellers and their corporations. Faced with daily hassles and time-consuming travel management, i-tinerary Travel Solutions presents business travellers with the following solutions:
Schedule integration—the patent-pending system recognises when someone needs to travel with an automated interface to the traveller`s time management/schedule system through their CRMs or PIMs (Customer Relationship Management/Personal Information Managers)—such as MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, ACT!, Palm Calendar or Pocket PCs. mTravel Assistant(TM) Extracts data from a calendar schedule to predetermine travel dates and times and determines the best, most logical itinerary for that trip. The traveller is no longer required to call the travel agent or go surfing the web to deal with creating their itinerary. Booked itineraries are automatically downloaded to the user`s schedule along with detailed flight information, weather, maps and seat and meal selection.
Trip repair—With the trip repair function, no longer will you be in terminal C when you need to dash to terminal A because your original flight was cancelled or delayed. The mTravel Assistant(TM) trip repair instantly alerts travellers via PDA, Pocket PC, Digital Pager or Cellular Phone—to flight changes and proactively suggests and books alternatives in the event of flight cancellations and delays, reducing costly downtime on the road. Relieving even more stress, the system even notifies your car rental location and hotel of late arrival.
On the fly - web, wireless, PDA, Pocket PC or cell phone access to initiate, review or change travel plans on the fly. This unparalleled mobile application captures all travel and even reports itineraries and expenses automatically to your corporation and synchronizes your itinerary with your desktop, wireless, PDAs and phones.
Travel banking - incorporates a system where those unused tickets are stored in a travel bank and can be used at a later date. No longer will individuals or companies lose those millions of dollars for unused tickets.
Intuitive everything—the mTravel Assistant learns through use how to determine and suggest the best itineraries based on corporate travel policy, personal preferences and previous patterns. Travellers then simply select the presented itinerary, or modify any desired elements and receive confirmation for ticketless travel. mTravel Assistant credits your frequent flyer accounts automatically, emails you confirmation of itineraries and even handles your seat and meal selection.