Amadeus announces 2001 pricing for airline customers

Announcing an average reservation price increase of 6.9 per cent, Amadeus also introduces new territorial pricing: the company will invoice in Euros for reservations made in Europe, Middle East and Africa and in US Dollars for reservations effected elsewhere.

Most other services offered to airlines rise by 6.5 per cent.
Madrid, Spain - Amadeus, a leading global distribution system (GDS) and technology provider to the travel industry, announced new pricing for distribution services offered to airlines. Amadeus is the travel industry’s largest distribution network comprising 140,000 point of sale terminals in more than 130 countries. The new pricing scheme becomes effective January 2001.
As a protection against currency exchange fluctuations, Amadeus will charge in Euros for bookings made in Europe, Middle East and Africa, while invoicing in US Dollars in all other regions. The new pricing intends to match cost and income per booking for Amadeus and its airline customers more accurately.
The average net price per booking will rise by 6.9% from around USD 3.00 today. “This price increase permits Amadeus to continue the development of new generation passenger management and distribution systems for airlines,” said Hans Jorgensen, Amadeus Vice President Partner and Provider Strategy. “Amadeus has been offering airlines the most advanced and cost-effective solutions at competitive prices, as well as providing access to the industry’s largest sales network. We will continue to work to focus on our customers’ expectations and anticipate their needs in a changing environment,” he added.