Growth, Chinaå‘s leading e-commerce travel web site is reporting that its newly launched global travel division sold more than $1M RMB in international air travel tickets during its second month of operation. is China’s most technically skilled, business-to-business travel e-commerce provider and is jointly owned and operated by Investments Pty Limited, an Australian e-commerce investment company and China Southern Airlines, , the largest airline in The People’s Republic of China. Created in August,’s global travel sales division sold $140,000 RMB in international airline tickets. The same division sold more than $1M RMB in September and is expected to double that amount in new sales in November. From October, Chinese citizens can now receive passports valid for five years. Previous Chinese passports were valid for a single departure. “Clearly the opening of and the vivid social changes within China are having a dramatic positive impact on our business,” said Matthew Ng, Chief Executive Officer, In 1999 there were 10 million Chinese nationals travelling overseas - of which approximately 40% were business travellers, representing a 60% increase from 1998. “The liberalization of travel for Chinese citizens is opening a flood gate for overseas travel,” said Ng, adding that, has been promoting international business corporate travel and FIT packages to its ever-increasing corporate client base.” is linked with leading GDS’ to provide international air ticketing services.
“We expect to see the absolute number as well as the percentage of business travellers going abroad increasing with China’s membership in the World Trade Organization. is committed to servicing a sizeable share of this new international travel business market and is in discussion with a number of international airlines on developing new strategic alliances,” said Ng. can provide customers with online domestic (China) and international air travel booking and ticketing, travel and hotel reservations. offers real time individual seat selection and meal selection on all China Southern Airlines’ flights as well as luggage and cargo information.