Travel Managers Leverage Buying Power, Receive Offers in Minutes

Austin, TX - When is launched in the spring of 2001, the site will offer something rarely seen in an Internet startup å- a proven service offering a dramatic contribution to their clientså’ bottom line.
Travel suppliers (airlines, hotels, car rental companies, etc.) will generate new, previously inaccessible business. And corporate travel managers will enjoy extraordinary savings as suppliers bid for their travel business. With BTLogic, suppliers find a new sales market and travel managers can contribute 10% pre-tax profits to their company’s bottom line.
“It’s a simple equation - everyone who uses
wants to close a deal,” says Fernando Avila, president and CEO of “Each of the 10,000 travel manager profiles in our databank is not only a qualified and interested lead, but is also the decision maker - we simply facilitate the connection and make the process fast and easy.”
This web-based corporate travel company can assure their clients of fast results because, as BTLogic databank tests have proved, it works.
United Airlines doubted the value of the BTLogic databank when Avila first approached the company, but quickly changed their tune. Avila convinced the airline’s marketing team to test just 50 profiles, free of charge. United’s marketing team approached the companies and forwarded offers that were tailored to meet their travel needs. From this one marketing initiative, United closed 17 deals.
“Travel suppliers think they have deals with every company with significant travel budgets,” says Avila, “But we invested two years in finding mid-size businesses who had previously been overlooked by travel suppliers. Instant access to our databank of leads enables us to significantly reduce suppliers’ customer acquisition and retention costs.”
Currently, travel suppliers face challenges in developing new business with travel managers because it is not cost efficient to target, identify and develop relationships with unlimited numbers of corporations. And mid-size companies with significant travel budgets are almost impossible to identify. As a result, suppliers typically concentrate their sales and marketing efforts only on the largest of corporations with very large travel budgets. Consequently, an entire market remains untapped.
For BTLogic, an information-packed databank is the secret to the success their test clients experience (see Beta Users list, attached). The databank is part of a proprietary Java-based application developed by BTLogic. Called Travel Relationship Management, this system allows travel suppliers to directly target companies that meet their criteria for size of travel budgets, cities frequently visited and more than 60 additional criteria. The application will further enable travel managers to solicit bids from suppliers quickly and effectively.
Development of the interactive beta site is complete and is currently being testing by major travel suppliers and corporate travel managers. In addition to the enthusiastic response from beta users, the company has received overwhelming support from the travel and tourism community. In fact, the list of board members and advisors includes travel supplier executives, corporate travel managers, and other industry experts and leaders.
“When I met Fernando Avila I knew I would have to postpone my planned retirement,” says Dr. Stanley C. Plog, co-founder and Chairman of and the nationally and internationally known market researcher and founder of the travel consulting firm, Plog Research, Inc., “Fernando’s simple and innovative concept is supported by a proven database of corporate travel managers, clear revenue streams and an amazing value proposition for both travel suppliers and travel managers.”