Wayport Brings High-Speed Wireless Internet to Seattle; Wayport Portable Internet Access Service Pro

SEATTLE - Wayport, Inc., the traveler`s choice for high-speed Internet service in airports and hotels, today launched its membership program for Portable Internet Access service in the Seattle area with a reception at the West Coast Grand hotel.
Available at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport as well as in other highly traveled locations around the country, Wayport`s fast wireless Internet access allows mobile professionals to turn travel time into productive time by staying connected to email, company networks and the Web.
Co-sponsored by Xircom, Cisco and Toshiba, the launch event featured a wireless Internet demonstration, technology panel, wireless Ethernet card giveaways and promotional offers for Wayport`s membership program. Wayport`s membership program provides seamless, easy-to-use Internet access at the places travelers frequent most - including airports, hotels and conference centers. Memberships include 50 free connections to the wireless service at any Wayport location through January 1, 2001, with flexible rate plans available for bundles of connections. Other area locations that will offer the Wayport service include the Wyndham Garden Sea-Tac and Summerfield Suites Plaza Park in Seattle, and Sierra Suites and Wyndham Garden in Bothell, Washington.
“Wayport is pleased to offer our service to travelers in the Seattle area as part of our efforts to extend the accessibility of broadband Internet service beyond the corporate network,” said Dave Vucina, chief executive officer, Wayport, Inc. “With Seattle`s status as a leading business and technology hub, we believe this area of the country will be quick to embrace our service.”
“Xircom and Wayport are providing leading industry-standard mobile computing solutions that make life more convenient for today`s road warriors,” said Thomas Van Voy, Americas, Director Marketing for Xircom, Inc. “Together, our IEEE 802.11b wireless adapter products and Wayport`s wireless Internet service in airports are providing links to real-time information that can dramatically increase business travelers` productivity.”
“Toshiba is committed to enhancing the mobility and productivity of today`s computer users,” said Steve Andler, vice president marketing, Toshiba Computer Systems Group. “By partnering with Wayport, we are increasing the value of our customers` mobile computing equipment with services that increase the remote user`s productivity in the places where they spend much of their time.”
Using Wayport`s service, travelers can access the Internet using their laptop PC and an 802.11b wireless network card, with no need to dial up or connect to a telephone data port. Simply by turning on a PC and launching a browser, users can connect to the Wayport service to send and receive email, surf the Web and access corporate networks at T1 speeds, from anywhere in the airport.
Wayport`s wireless network is based on the Wi-Fi(TM) (11 Mbps IEEE 802.11b) wireless Ethernet standard, which is supported by all major PC and networking vendors including Cisco Systems, Xircom, Lucent, Toshiba, IBM, 3Com, Dell and Apple. Wayport is a sponsor member of the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA), an industry consortium formed to promote the IEEE 802.11b standard and ensure interoperability between different wireless network equipment providers.
Seattle is one of the first three airports nationwide to offer the Wayport wireless service. Wayport also provides wireless Internet access at Austin-Bergstrom International and Dallas/Fort Worth International airports, as well as wired and wireless Internet access at leading hotels such as the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts worldwide, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, and Sonesta Hotels and Resorts.