ZingASIA Announces Web Clipping Application for Palm?” Mobile Internet Kit

SINGAPORE, ZingASIA, the premier leisure and travel Internet portal focusing on leisure, travel, lifestyle and living across major cities in Asia Pacific, today released a web clipping application for use with the Palm?” Mobile Internet Kit.
The release of this application brings ZingASIA a step closer towards its strategic vision of becoming the leading source of leisure and travel information in Asia Pacific.
ZingASIA will be providing wireless access to leisure and travel content covering 19 cities in Asia Pacific. Users of the Palm?” Mobile Internet Kit, the first product to enable Palm? handheld users to connect wirelessly to the Internet using a GSM mobile phone, will be able to access City Guides, Directory listings, Events Calendar as well as read features and recommendations covering a wide range of leisure and travel activities.
“We are excited to release a web clipping application as it will allow ZingASIA to expand its customer reach and expand into new markets,” said Paul Chong, Executive Director and Executive Committee Chairman of ZingASIA. “With the speed at which mobile technology is progressing, we are confident that our web clipping application will enable us to tap new opportunities and to consistently provide ZingASIA customers with authoritative Asia Pacific leisure and travel information.”
Besides its web clipping application for Palm?” handheld users, ZingASIA also announced an all-encompassing partner program to provide visitors with value-added content and technology resources for an optimal site experience.
“As the leading travel authority on Asia Pacific, we offer visitors original content and resources, state-of-the-art booking engines, customised communities and cutting-edge applications. In addition, we have leading corporations like Asian Trails, CP Tour, Encounter Australia, Sime Travel, Tour East and Westminster as Destination Management Companies who provide on-the-ground support,” said Mr Chong.
“Together with our partners, we intend to revolutionise travel to provide each visitor with an unique experience. We are also finalising details with e-tailers worldwide to provide them with access to ZingASIA’s tour services in Asia.”
ZingASIA’s e-tailers include:
* India - Syntel
* USA - Focus Travel and Democracy Travel
* Kyrgyzstan - Tien-Shan Travel
* UAE - SIMA International
* Israel - Toursrus
* Norway - Asia-Norm
* Costa Rica - Transviajes
ZingASIA’s Partners
As the definitive guide to all things Asian including Australia, ZingASIA provides accurate and in-depth knowledge to visitors.
Partnerships with the following companies aims to not only provide a global marketing outreach campaign to expand opportunities to access its feature-rich information but also provide visitors with superior up-to-the-minute travel information, reservation systems and loyalty program.
Some of our partners are:

á Palm, Inc.
á 24/7 Media Asia
á Reuters
á Chinadotcom