Top Rating For Galileo’s GlobalWare

Galileo International, Inc. has announced that its GlobalWare product received a top rating in a recent evaluation of its data exchange capabilities by the PRISM Group, Inc.
GlobalWare, Galileo`s Windows-based agency management system that provides accounting functionality and management and corporate reporting capabilities for travel agencies, received an A-minus rating.
Now, GlobalWare will utilize PRISM Xport, the standard for the exchange of travel data among travel information systems throughout the world. Galileo began testing PRISM Xport on GlobalWare`s XML (eXtensbile Markup Language) data-exchange interface during the second quarter.
“Galileo`s move to offer PRISM Xport for its GlobalWare customers is an important step in providing reliable and understandable information to travel agency management worldwide,” said PRISM`s Les Baker, vice president.
“We found that GlobalWare performed exceptionally against our certification criteria, receiving perfect scores in the categories of data quality, accounting and others.” “Galileo is very pleased with GlobalWare`s rating and will continue to strive to provide the best quality data to our subscribers. We are committed to providing accurate and consistent data, and we have found PRISM Xport to have among the best data-handling algorithms in the industry,” said Galileo`s John Hach, vice president, Corporate and Consumer Sales and Marketing. “Choosing to make PRISM Xport available to our GlobalWare customers is another example of Galileo`s aggressive move toward using XML as a standard data interface for all of our transactions and data.”
In April, Galileo became the first global distribution services (GDS) company in the industry to adopt the PRISM Xport standard that allows travel agencies around the world to access an enhanced data feed that includes tour code and fare ladder information -