Independent Competition For Orbitz?

A $125 million dollar membership-based travel agency, Global Travel International, is putting the capabilities of ITA software in the hands of 35,000 independent travel agents in 86 countries, allowing anyone to compete effectively and sell travel with the latest technology in hand, including individuals.
Heralded as Orbitz`s key technology scheduled to power the soon-to-be launched airline web site, ITA fare searching with actual booking capability is being made available for the first time by Global Travel International, a Florida-based travel company that has quickly vaulted into the top 1% of all travel agencies in America. GTI will provide the ITA fare searching power to anyone on a personalized web site that the company provides free with membership in Global Travel International as well as on the company web site.
GTI makes this technology available to the masses and its 350,000 plus customers through the Amadeus Integrated Fare Solution that utilizes the ITA search engine to find those sometimes hard to locate good fares.
“With the same searching power as airline mega-site Orbitz, we`re allowing individuals to sell travel and earn commissions from those sales, making the Orbitz site highly impractical,” said Global Travel International CEO Randall Warren. “Anyone can be a travel agent and now we give “anyones” the latest technology and the training to profit from it. We continue to pioneer travel distribution with consumer priorities at the helm and are in the top 1% of travel agencies in America because of the daring moves we make,” continued Warren.
As part of Global Travel`s web initiative to dominate the web with not one, but 35,000 domain web sites for each of the company`s independent agents, free, private-labelled web sites already loaded with a full set of features will now pack the power of ITA`s software through Global Travel International`s licensing agreement with long-time partner Amadeus. Called ResMax, these individual sites are designed as personal web sites for selling and booking travel, with all of Global Travel`s back-end features loaded on each individual site. ResMax features include; discounted and negotiated rates and specials from Global Travel`s industry alliances and bulk buying power, the most powerful search tool on the market, online booking and e-ticketing, commission tracking, maps, weather, Passengers` Rights section (from

), and a host of useful tools for travellers. One of the newest benefits to GTI`s 35,000 members, ResMax web sites can be set up in under 5 minutes and are free to GTI Members.
“Every reservation that is made through someone`s ResMax site means that the web site owner will receive a commission check automatically from Global Travel International,” said Warren. “It`s a simple way to save and a smart way to travel,” added Warren.
Global Travel International`s President Michael Gross commented, “Why bother with a Travelocity, Expedia or Orbitz - none of them are going to offer you commission, live customer service and the ability to save so much money?” Touting the company`s recent industry first with the launch of a “low price guarantee” for airline tickets, Gross continued, “There`s a hundred reasons to let Global Travel International show you how to slash your travel budget and get great service.” With a geographically staggered national rollout, which began in June 2000, GTI has now launched approximately 10% of its members` web sites and expects to at least double annual sales figures based on this new initiative. Global Travel`s Internet sales are currently responsible for approximately 1/3 of the company`s total annual travel sales of $125 million -