Holiday Inn Wall Street Continues its High-Tech Focus with Registry Magic`s Virtual Operator Hotel E

BOCA RATON, Fla., Registry Magic, Inc., today powered up its Virtual Operator Hotel Edition system at the Holiday Inn Wall Street, New York, New York, giving individuals a quick and easy way to contact guests.
The Holiday Inn Wall Street is the first hotel in the world to be equipped with the Virtual Operator Hotel Edition and is expected to revolutionize the traditional business switchboard concept in hotels.
The Hotel Edition of the popular Virtual Operator provides inside and outside callers with the ability to access hotel guests simply by stating the name of the guest when calling the hotel. It is an integrated, turnkey communications system that incorporates speech recognition, call processing, call telephony hardware and services. The Hotel Edition offers features that make it easier for callers to reach hotel guests directly, reducing the wait-time and the need to memorize several phone numbers and extensions. The release also improves the users` ability to conduct business quickly and the hotel staff`s ability to respond to the needs of guests.
“Our primary goal is to meet and anticipate the needs of our guests; the Virtual Operators` efficiency and uniqueness will be popular with our hi-technology orientated traveler,” said Frank Nicholas, General Manager/Area Director of the Holiday Inn Wall Street, widely recognized as New York City`s premiere hotel for cutting-edge technology. “Once again, the hotel, managed by Kelco M & D, is pleased to be first in providing a new, convenient, hi-tech service to the traveling public.”
With the Virtual Operator`s Hotel check-in feature, guests no longer have to wait for the hotel`s Property Management System to assign and activate the hotel room extension. In addition, callers from the outside no longer have to spell a guest`s name either using a telephone keypad or to a busy or perplexed operator. The Virtual Operator Hotel Edition software automatically links the guests` telephone extensions to their spoken names.
“We are extremely pleased to be selected as a technology partner for the Holiday Inn Wall Street in New York,” said John Falcone, Vice-President of Technology and Business Development at Registry Magic. “In this competitive environment for cutting-edge technology, Registry Magic offers the best possible solution for the hospitality industry.”
The Hotel Edition release is fresh off the heels of the successful installation and implementation of the Virtual Operator Hospital Edition at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Jackson, one of the largest hospitals under a single license in the United States with 1,567 total beds and comprehensive care in 48 areas of clinical services, is using the Virtual Operator Hospital Edition to enable callers to directly route to patients simply by stating the patient`s name into the phone.