“Pervasive” Lastminute.com.

å“Our vision is for lastminute.com
to become a pervasive part of peoples liveså”, so said Brent Hoberman, CEO of the UKå‘s best-known travel site, announcing a new technology platform for the site.
Prior to the launch across the company’s sites in the U.K., France, Germany and Sweden, the system has been rigorously tested in Australia and offers better speed, stability and scalability.
Both customers and suppliers will benefit from faster access and inventory downloads, greater reliability and the support for rapid growth that this system will give.
Lastminute.com has made a great deal of effort in understanding their customers and the degree of personalisation offered via this technology should result in an increased look-to-book ratio, with the highly targeted offers enhancing the customer experience. A customer will be able to design his or her own lastminute.com homepage through ‘MySpace’.
Lastminute.com was launched in the UK two years ago and acquired the Degriftour Group, France’s largest e-travel group, last month.